Thursday, 25 August 2011

Just Because!

Have ever simply given a card to someone, "Just Because", nothing other than just because they were special, or did something really unexpected, or simply just because they were who they were?

I send this card out to all the adventurous, creative souls who venture forth to let their creations be seen by the world.
Happy Scrap'n.

Happy Birthday

The feel of a Birthday can be set simply by the card one receives on the happy day. Or very simply put you can set the tone of the party.
Bright colours, evoke a happy mood.
Some bling makes the persons heart sing.

The addition of something special on the back of the envelope can make a someone feel very special.  They may just want to keep this card as a keepsake.
I find that when I receive a card for any reason that it is special in that the person felt I mattered enough to take the time and do this for me.  A hearty "Thank You" from my heart to those people.


Same Image Different presentations... Different Feel


You can really obtain different feels by simply taking the same image and taking the presentation in different directions.  One could create an endless variety of cards with one stamped image alone.
Just image what one can do with multiple stamps...   I feel a shopping trip coming on.

Getting started Continued

Next I thought I would play with monitone basically white on embossed backgrounds.

I played a bit with pop dots and three demensional items, such as having the butterfly sitting on the paper with the wings coming off the paper.


Getting Started I am seeing cards everywhere....

I have just started into this realm of creating cards. I am finding it extremely relaxing and enriching to my existance. Following are the first batch of cards which I have made.

I began my journey by creating a couple of sets of four cards each.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Everyday Items

In this card I have used jewelry finds to embellish the bottom of the card.

A trip to the kitchen enhanced this card with my doilie, and another detour to the sewing room for buttons worked as well.  Never be afraid to experiment with items which are meant for other uses.  You may find yourself pleasantly surprised.
Have fun.....
An envelope made of co ordinating paper finishes off the presentation.

Techniques, techniques, so many techniques to learn...... Happy Birthdays

I feel that it is important to use variety in your creation of your cards.  Life should be filled with a variety of experiences, as should be our creativity.
In this card I have mirrored he oval window from the front to the inside of the card with similar details carried into the care.  Starting the sentiment on the outside of thye card and completing it inside.
The envelope flap of the card has been embellished with some of the blue poka dot paper and the same ribbon to create a cohesive package.  This presentation be me represent more of a traditional package.
I hope that this will inspire you to experiment.  Have fun.