Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Christmas Everywhere Overnight

I have completed my first Christmas card and have had a total riot doing it. 

As you can see I have gone demensional again.  The card started with a green ring onto which leaves and branches were clued to, to create the wreath.  Then with the Martha Stewart Hydrangea punch I created out of Red the flowers. An angel was suspended in the top center and a small red bow was added.
The wreath was attached to the gold paper with pop dots, and then onto a doilie which was tucked between the gold and green papers. The same ribbon was used to edge the gold as was used in the bow.
The inside was kept very simple again, with the repeat of the same papers used as was used on the front of the card.
Remember; Wee things are what matter.
Keep on Scrap'n

Friday, 9 September 2011

Birthdays Continue

I have been working this week on Birthdays Cards.  These are the last three I had to do.

This card was started with a base block of a darker red poka dot paper, over which I mounted six 2 x 2 inch squares.  I coloured the young lady with Copic Markers and then cut her out into an oval shape.  The edges of the oval were trimmed with Opal White Perfect Pearls.  A strip of the same red poka dot paper was edged with small red with gold trim ribbon and the oval was attached.  This was then mounted onto the centre of the card and trimmed with flowers on either side which come out from behind the oval itself.  the outside edges were given the same ribbon treatment as the centre strip.  The final touch was the double ribbon bow at the bottom of the front of the card.

The inside was kept simple, as seen above.

This coral coloured card was done very simply with the one embossed piece raisedf over top the second embossed piece.  A piece of gross grain ribbon was placed across the card for the young lady to have a place to sit. The inside was co ordinated with the insert piece, as shown below.

Final card was a combination of using demension, with the sentiment raised.  The embossed piece, onto which Opal White Perfect Pearls were placed,with a small pink heart placed into the center.  As it was a "Heartfelt Wish" for this card a small crystal heart was placed into the inside of the card witht he same ribbon used as on the outside of the card as well.

Remember to keep on scrap'n.

Also remember "Wee things are what matter".

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Birthday Creations

I am coming to realize very quickly that I have more of a tendancy to design in a traditional manner than more off the cuff. I am finding that learning to layer items will enhance a card two fold.

Keep on scrap'n

Remember, "Wee things are what matter".

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Thank You Barbeque

It is always important to thank people for the things they do for you, so when my husband came to me and requested a Thank You card for his two supervisors, I was more than happy to oblige.  Toni and Jason held a barbeque for the men, so this Mo Manning stamp seemed very appropriate.

As you can see I used vibrant colours of Copic Alcohol Markers to add the pop which this needs. I added brads which appear to be screws to add the industrial look, as this is going to a concrete company.  Both the picture and the sentiment are raised with Pop Dots.  The background for the card was a combination of plaid and blur poka dots with a gross grain ribbon at the left. These were banded with a dark green.

The inside of the card continues with the balance of the sentiment and is kept simple as I do not feel that truck drivers really want a great deal of lacey things on their cards.
Thank you for visiting, and remember to keep on scrap'n.

Wee things are really what matter.

Happy Birthday Traditional / Fun

I did the same with Happy Birthday cards as I did with the Anniversary cards this week.
For this card I created a raised window in which I placed Iris which were layered for a raised 3d effect.
The this sentiment I also raised it with pop dots.  The main area was finished off with Opal white Perfect Pearls, a butterfly which was demensional was placed at the top corner.  The four corners were given medium sized rhinestones.  For contrast I bordered areas with black to give pop. A small trim of Perfect Pearls in a lavendar was done around the scallop window to draw the lilac into the forground.

The idea of the window was to give the effect of the iris growing out of the window and into your hearts.
The inside of the card was given a simple treatment of a black bordered area of green to match the outside of the card.

The seccond Birthday card was the fun one.  I used a Kraftn Kimmie stamp and had fun with it.
The figure was then cut out and mounted onto an embossed piece of white stock. A flower was added for demension to her hair. The which embossed piece was then mounted on the black poka dot paper and trimmed with the gathered ribbon both on the bottom and top.  A bouquet of purple and ivory flowers were placed onto the top righthand corner.  Two larger rhinestones where placed in the two top corners for some pop and small stoned were placed into the indentations of the lower ribbon across the bottom.

The inside of the card was given a bit of pop with a small raised sentiment on the inside cover and a simple bordered area of white. Sometime simpler is better.

Remember to keep happy and scrap'n.
Wee things are what matter.

Busy Week Anniversary Traditional/Fun

This card was inspired by my niece Samantha of Hooliewood Creations, who has been a great inspiration and support to me this summer.  For this I must say a big heart felt "Thank You" to her.  I challenged myself to do two anniversay cards, one more traditional and the other a fun card.  Worked on my finishing of cards as well.  Paying attention to the inside of the card as well as the outside.

This traditional layout started by embossing with distress ink the center panel. It was then mounted on pink card stock and edged with embossed strips. A simple sentiment which was raised surrounded by Perfect Pearls in Watermelon. Two butterflies and the ribbon and simply three small flowers on the bottom edge to finish it off.

On the inside I edged the card with some of the pink card stock and then added an embossed edge to finish the inside.

I lined the envelope with the same pink to complete the presentation of this set.
Remember wee things are what matter.

My second anniversay card was to have some fun factor.

The card started with and embossed piece of stock which was then coloured with antique linen ink and mounted on a poka dot stock from Precious Pink.  the image of the hedge hogs was coloured with copic markers and then cut out and mounted on a second embossed piece which had the edge of the scallop treated with the antique linen as well.  Opal which Perfect Pearls were placed in the jucture of each scallop.  The hedge hogs were then mounted with pop dots along with the small heart above them.  boutques of ivory flowers were placed at opposite corners and a bow mounted on the edge of the scallop piece.  A finer lace was placed across the bottom and everything was finished off with four small red glitter hearts which were demensional.
This care has a bit of traditional flavour with the hedgehogs for fun. Quite obviously these two are not prickly about their love.

The inside is done very simply, the sentiment was mounted on another piece of poka dot paper and the this was mounted onto the base which was decorated with the same lace as the front.

Enjoy yourselves and keep scrap'n.
And remember it is true "Wee things are what matter".