Sunday, 4 September 2011

Happy Birthday Traditional / Fun

I did the same with Happy Birthday cards as I did with the Anniversary cards this week.
For this card I created a raised window in which I placed Iris which were layered for a raised 3d effect.
The this sentiment I also raised it with pop dots.  The main area was finished off with Opal white Perfect Pearls, a butterfly which was demensional was placed at the top corner.  The four corners were given medium sized rhinestones.  For contrast I bordered areas with black to give pop. A small trim of Perfect Pearls in a lavendar was done around the scallop window to draw the lilac into the forground.

The idea of the window was to give the effect of the iris growing out of the window and into your hearts.
The inside of the card was given a simple treatment of a black bordered area of green to match the outside of the card.

The seccond Birthday card was the fun one.  I used a Kraftn Kimmie stamp and had fun with it.
The figure was then cut out and mounted onto an embossed piece of white stock. A flower was added for demension to her hair. The which embossed piece was then mounted on the black poka dot paper and trimmed with the gathered ribbon both on the bottom and top.  A bouquet of purple and ivory flowers were placed onto the top righthand corner.  Two larger rhinestones where placed in the two top corners for some pop and small stoned were placed into the indentations of the lower ribbon across the bottom.

The inside of the card was given a bit of pop with a small raised sentiment on the inside cover and a simple bordered area of white. Sometime simpler is better.

Remember to keep happy and scrap'n.
Wee things are what matter.

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