Saturday, 21 January 2012

Congratulations on Your New Home Tiles Away

I have recently come across a U-Tube flick which showed taking a graphic and tiling it.
the techniques was fun and a little different than the usual. The graphic which I used was one I drew.
It is one that you may purchase from me.  (  I have a client who is in real estate and after each client or hers is in their new home she presents them with a card along with a bottle of  wine.  Thus my creation of this along with many other cards.

The process of making the tiles goes as follows;
1.  Stamp and colour your graphic or a picture you wish to use.  When choosing your graphic consider that when you cut it apart that there be an even dividable measurement.  For example a 4" x 5" pc could be cut into 4 tiles high and 5 tiles across  using the measurement of 1 inch square.
2.  Once you have cut your pic into the squares or tiles, you then coat them with Rangers Glossy Accents.  Make sure to watch and not get bubbles into the liquid.  Set all the tiles aside and let them dry.
3.  Once they are all dry you can simply mount them.  I used Skor Tape, making sure that all my edges were taped down well.

This is great fun. 

Ihave decorated the inside with the same papers.  I feel that this card has a more masculine flair.
It has a feel of tradition yet kind of funky as well.

Thank you for dropping by.
Remember;  Wee-Things are what matter.

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