Monday, 13 February 2012

Once organized work is very easy and Fun is GREAT......

I recently was fortunate enough to have been given plans to make an ink organizing station for my craft area.  Well I have found a second use for the same unit. and thought I would shae this with you.

This units plans were from Afdish of Split Coast Stampers.  Thank you again to her for the plans.
During my organizing I discovered I like the same unit for my ribbon organizing.  Below see the pictures.

Here is the unit partially assembled.  Take about 5 minutes to put it all together.

Here is how I was organizing my ribbons.  But found that these little units wanted to move about too much for me.

So I removed the acetate sleeves from the ribbon organizers and turned the ink organizer on its side and voile.  Once has a great ribbon organizer which has great display and easy access for the ribbons as well.

The acetate sleeves can vary in their width in accordance to the width of your ribbon.  I plan to make another organizer with different heights of the shelves to accomodate some of my wider ribbons and laces.  Gotta love organizers.  They sure do make life easier.

Both the ink storage and the ribbon storage ideas were found at Split Coast Stampers.

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