Friday, 2 March 2012

Childrens Birthdays

Good Morning Everyone,
I dsecided to make two birthday card today, one for a male and one female.  The boys card is a bit of whimsy and fun, and it was that to make fun, that is.   The girls was an effort to try a technique which I say on line to make a figure look as if it was fur.  For the first time I believe that it did not come out bad at all.  See what you think.

All the items used for these cards were items from my stash drawers. 

The young lady should feel as if she is a princess, thus the crown charm on the bears head.  The bear was done n Copic marker.  I did the fur effect by doing little strokes all over the bear adding shading with the different colours as usual as if you were colouring the bear the normal way.  Then as a last step I took the lightest colour which I was using and coloured him all over. 

The inside of the little girls card was simple with some rhinestones to act a bling for the inside of the card.

The card was done as a surprise slider card for the young mans card.  Some adhesive splashes of water for fun adds a great deal of demension to it as well.
 Similar card tutorials can be found at Split Coast Stampers.

When you pull the tab up or back you reveal the message and a glittery cupcake with candle.

Here you see the side view where tne can see the tab/slider mechanism.
Thank you for coming by and veiwing my creations which I must say brought the child out in me again.

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