Friday, 31 October 2014

A Jelly Roll Of a Difference

This is the album designed by Laura Denison Designs for inside her Voo Doo House.



First opening fold.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Still gathering my donations.

I have been making items to donate to a local hospital, who is trying to raise monies to enable equipment to be purchased for the operating rooms.  I recently went to a craft store which was closing its doors and purchased four paper mache recipe boxes to make into photo boxes for the auction.  Here is what I cam up with.  I kept them simple in their decoration.  Each box has two strips which act a dividers and helps hold the cards apart, so they do not all slip down into the box.  The legs were made from a button adhered to as wooden bead, which I then attached to the box bottom and the support piece which was simply made by laminating heart shapes together for stability.

I found that I liked each one for a different reason.  Two have a very feminine feel and one very masculine and the final one is gender free.  I hope that these will help raise some funds for the hospital auction.

These will travel to the hospital along with my 50 Shades of pink tomorrow.

Fifty Shades of Pink...with an accent of Black

Hello again,
Just finished a fun project today.  Had some items which had been made previously and designed an album around them.  I also wanted to use up many of my Pink scraps.  Never realized I had done so many items in pink in the past three years.  This is what I came up with.

This album opens in the middle of the front cover to reveal a two sided album.

I took ordinary stainless brads and added Liquid Pearls to give them some sparkle.

As you can see there is a lot of real estate for pictures in this album.  Both the front and back cover as well as yhe back inside cover have pockets with Cards.  There are five pages on either side and both front and back of each page open with a flap again.  You will also notice that between the two sides of the page there is a pocket with a pink photo mounting card.

This is a picture of the back inside cover.

The page pockets were from Laura Denison Designs "Pick A Pocket"  which I had played with making in the past. 

As you can see there are several design styles of pockets.

Page above opening the flap.


Brads were used in the construction of the pockets. I think that was a really cute idea Laura Denison had.
I hope that you have enjoyed looking at what I have done with my trials and errors, or as Laura would say, " A creative opportunity". 
And YES there are 50 Shades of pink in this album.


Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Projects from the Past

Rather than bore everyone with all the details of the projects I have done in my past, I thought a quick pictorial history might be fun.

I hope that you find something here that spurs you to go into your craft room and create.

This is an organizer made from a pattern created by "Laura Denison Design".  This shows two of the organizers beside each other.  I have modified the one to accept my small bottles of glitter etc. along with adding a small box type unit on top of the drawer section to enable the storage of my clue bottles up side down.

This project is the album from Laura Denison's "In Suspense pattern"
I chose to only do the album at this time the complete project may be one for my future.

Front of the album, which is a shadow box.
This is the back of the show box on the inside of the album.

Album back

On the left hand side of the album is where one finds the pages for journalism and pictures.

Each pages opens in may ways offering a large number of opportunities for pictures.

Sample of one of the cards one could add a picture to or some additional text of your memory.

These are a few to start with, as I find the pictures I will add more to the post for you.

Always remember  -  Wee things... are what matter.