Thursday, 28 August 2014

Miniature can be Fun Too

A few years hence Laura Denison created. A perpetual calendar, the video which I watched.  After which I got an idea that I wanted to try making a miniature version of the same.  This is what I came up with.

I started by making the base box/drawer for it, followed by the two cubes for the numbers and two smaller narrow block shapes with the days on them.  As for the months they appear on the tags which got hung on the wee owl hook.

Each of the tags are decorated with some bird related items with the backs of the tags having a word/s of encouragement on them.   Really liked the fact that the pieces that were not in use could be stored inside the main box.

Here you can see the three dimensional work done for interest.
Back of the tags and cubes.
Back of unit.

Back Side of insert.


This project was a bit time consuming, but very gratifying once done.  I found like everything else that the finish and detail was what makes something like this.  I did not rush, through it, as for me the process was very relaxing.