Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Projects from the Past

Rather than bore everyone with all the details of the projects I have done in my past, I thought a quick pictorial history might be fun.

I hope that you find something here that spurs you to go into your craft room and create.

This is an organizer made from a pattern created by "Laura Denison Design".  This shows two of the organizers beside each other.  I have modified the one to accept my small bottles of glitter etc. along with adding a small box type unit on top of the drawer section to enable the storage of my clue bottles up side down.

This project is the album from Laura Denison's "In Suspense pattern"
I chose to only do the album at this time the complete project may be one for my future.

Front of the album, which is a shadow box.
This is the back of the show box on the inside of the album.

Album back

On the left hand side of the album is where one finds the pages for journalism and pictures.

Each pages opens in may ways offering a large number of opportunities for pictures.

Sample of one of the cards one could add a picture to or some additional text of your memory.

These are a few to start with, as I find the pictures I will add more to the post for you.

Always remember  -  Wee things... are what matter.

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