Thursday, 30 October 2014

Still gathering my donations.

I have been making items to donate to a local hospital, who is trying to raise monies to enable equipment to be purchased for the operating rooms.  I recently went to a craft store which was closing its doors and purchased four paper mache recipe boxes to make into photo boxes for the auction.  Here is what I cam up with.  I kept them simple in their decoration.  Each box has two strips which act a dividers and helps hold the cards apart, so they do not all slip down into the box.  The legs were made from a button adhered to as wooden bead, which I then attached to the box bottom and the support piece which was simply made by laminating heart shapes together for stability.

I found that I liked each one for a different reason.  Two have a very feminine feel and one very masculine and the final one is gender free.  I hope that these will help raise some funds for the hospital auction.

These will travel to the hospital along with my 50 Shades of pink tomorrow.

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