Thursday, 3 September 2015

A beautiful Presentation.
The pattern below was the fashion in which Ruth gave everyone their trade at our gather,( Follow Laura Denison To St. Louis).  They were very well received.  Everyone felt so very special getting them. 
This is one I made.

Thank you Ruth for the inspiration.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Construction Strip ?

For the past several years I have been working on different projects by Laura denison of Laura Denison Designs. Throughout the different projects, be it a simple album, a 3D maple Street Shop or even a Fairy House one may use what is referred to as a construction strip. These strips are used to attach different parts of the project together. Below I have made a video explaining how to make your construction strips quickly and efficiently. I hope to very shortly produce a video showing how the construction strips are used.


Saturday, 1 August 2015

Pinch me, am I dreaming.......

Well I have to say that I read the email several times before it even started to sink in. I have been accepted by Laura Denison of Follow The Paper as a guest to show my abilities for a month, (still to be determined). I have been doing Laura's designs for a few years now and find them totally relaxing and fun. As one works through the pattern and sees the project coming to completion, I find that my excitement increases on each and every one. Her patterns have not been difficult and I believe that they are doable for all levels of experience. I hope that you try one of the patterns, as there is something for everyone's desires in crafting. Just a mini album, or a detailed Fairy House, or maybe create the town on Maple Street. This is on my agenda next. Thank you Laura for your confidence in my abilities. I truly look forward to this challenge. Remember crafters and creators of all experiences, Wee things in life are what matter.