Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Hidden Treasures (A Laura Denison design)

I had the opportunity to attend Laura Denison's very first Paper Doodle gathering last August in St. Louis. There one of the projects for the classes was a project by Laura Denison named Hidden Treasures. A cabinet which slides open from the centre to reveal a hidden box in which she intended there be placed an album. Behind the windows of the cabinet there were placed different treasures which one made from various supplies. I did not exactly follow the pattern as I wanted my cabinet to open and inside my box I did not place an album rather a wee chest of drawers in which my hidden treasures were placed. This project was again a great deal of fun to modify to my satisfaction. I hope you enjoy seeing my work.

Childhood Dream come True

I do not know one child who does not love the sight of a carousel as it circles their world, with all the lights a flutter and melody playing. As a young girl I too fell in love with a carousel. Now as an adult I have been given the ability to create that which was in my minds eye. This project is in memory of my father and the special love we had for each other. The paper I used for it was by Graphic 45, called Botanical Tea. When I saw the paper I knew I the carousel just had to come to life. Also in the base of the carousel is installed a music box which I kept that came to me from my father. The centre of the carousel does spin Along with the melodic music of the music box. There were lights installed in the underside of the top portion, which can be controlled by lifting the top. There are two drawers located in the base which pull out to reveal two photo albums. I had such great fun creating this and wanted to share my joy with all of you. I do hope it brings back some pleasant memories for you as it did for me.