Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Old Things New Again

I have over my many 60 some years been fond of old cars, which people have restored.  Be it the types of vehicles often seen on movies with a lady and gentleman travelling to the theatre or a gangster with a tommy gun in the car in a getaway scene.  These seem to evoke an emotional reaction in my soul.

Thus when Laura Denison of Following The Paper Trail designed a pattern for a Safari Truck, which in it self is really amazing, my imagination started to hit overdrive.

Below is the result of my imagination running wild.  I must state that I more than had fun creating this.  Laura's pattern has the Safari truck set onto a piece of luggage.  (The pattern can be found here  http://www.lauradenisondesigns.com/product/safari-truck-pattern/).   The same base pattern was then turned into a roadster and a hearst.  She is amazing in how she can take something and viola a new vehicle.

When out the other day I saw a book box which I felt Needed to go under my vehicle.  Of course anyone who knows me knows what comes next is that my project must either light up or move in some way.  Well this one both lights up and can move as the wheels are functional.

I have an album planned for the inside of the book.  At this point I only have the prototype done.
In hindsight I have decided to make the "Vintage Valise" from Laura as well.  It is what she has as the place to have her album with the "Safari Truck".  The Book Box looks great but did not lend itself well to the album.  I may make a different album in the future which will fit better.

It is my hope that you enjoy seeing this creation and that I have made Laura proud in the use of her pattern.  Thank you Laura for your inspiration, and encouragement to believe in ones own abilities and create what is in ones minds eye.

I call this "Taking Christmas to the Grandparents".

There is a jump seat in the trunk which opens, the seats and ceiling of the vehicle are upholstered,  There is a stick shift and pedals on the floor.  We have both front and back lights, along with working lights in the carrier on the roof.  There is a small table in the passenger compartment and a foot rest as in the old days.  The doors of the vehicle do indeed open and close, with their wee handles. There is a  window in the back passenger compartment.  I decided that the wheels should be functional as well.

I have to admit that I am still working on a few additions to the car.  I ill post further pictures as I make the changes.

I have added side mirrors plus a few wee items.  Pictures to follow.

Yes my desk is a mess.  That is my creative side. Lol

Have painted in a very traditional colour scheme.

Added a working jump seat in the back trunk.

Did a wee bit of upholstering on the jump seat.

Started to finish the inside as I constructed.  I thought it would be easier in this order.  Showing the back seat and interior of passenger area.

Added a wee table and foot rest in the passenger back area.

Added a carrier rail made from 1/16th wood strips, so to place all the goodies that are being taken to the grandparents.

Threw in some lighting for a festive feel.

Added a grill and hood ornament.

Added a shift stick and pedals on the front floor area.

Here are a few additional pics.

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  1. I really like how you used a hybrid of the truck and roadster. Great work as usual.